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Tips for Planning Summer Holidays

summer holiday planning

Summer Holiday Planning – 5 Essential Tips

Over the next few weeks and months I and many other people around the UK will be planning the summer holidays and thinking about where to go and what time of year to travel.  As a lone traveller I have don’t have to travel within the window of the school holidays in which prices are considerably higher. Based on my travel experiences this article aims to highlight and describe tips to making your holiday a stress free experience.

5. Plan Ahead for best Deals

Many flight companies operate on an increasing scale for ticket prices, this basically refers to the prices increasing as seats on the plane get sold. With this, basic principle, the earlier you know the dates you want to travel the better it is to book for the cheapest prices.

Holiday companies often have travel deals several months before to entice customers to book with them.

If you decide to book a package with a travel agent then make sure that use a reputable company with ATOL coverage, this way you are covered if the airline or hotel goes into administration.

Tip: The earlier you can confirm your dates of travel and where you want to stay, the better deal you will receive rather than waiting until last minute to book.

summer holiday planning

4. Read Reviews for Accommodation

Whilst I wouldn’t take reviews on accommodation as a determining factor on my holiday I would always use the general comments as a guide to whether to book in the hotel or not.  Whilst traveling I have stayed at several hotels that have received many negative reviews from previous customers, however I enjoyed an excellent stay there and wondered why the negative feedback.

As a lone traveller the fact that the baby facilities were not the best does not interest me but I can understand why it would to others.

Tip: Remember; read the reviews before you book a holiday otherwise you will find it difficult to change.

3. Book Travel Insurance

Whilst in the UK hospital fees are free under the NHS, this will not help if anything were to go wrong whilst overseas.

If you or a member of your traveling group are unfortunate to have an accident whether by falling or in a car accident then you can use Holiday Injury Claims to help.

Tip: Use a recommended travel insurance company that covers you and your family for the holiday type that you are having.

2. Plan Budget

We would all like to travel 1st class and stay in a 5 star holiday resort but if the finances are not available then this type of holiday should not really be considered. If you plan a holiday that is within your financial reach then you will not have to worry during the holiday about returning home to unpaid holiday bills.

Tip: If you pay for your holiday prior to leaving the UK this will reduce stress levels on holiday and allow for a fantastic time.

1. Relax and Enjoy 

Whether you are a lone traveller like myself or you are with your family, holidays are a time of relaxing and enjoying. With the above tips your holiday should allow you to get away from your everyday stresses. This is the time of year when you can unwind and remove yourself from the pressures and stress from your day-to-day-life. Relax and enjoy, after all you have worked hard for this holiday.

I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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