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The Lanna Coffee Story

Mission Statement: To improve the quality of life for our farming communities in Northern Thailand.

Lanna exists to import, roast, and distribute specialty coffee directly from Thailand to those who want to be a part of transforming communities. Our coffee is direct trade, pesticide free (no use of chemicals, fertilizers or growth hormones) and shade grown (our coffee trees are grown under the canopy of the Thailand Forest aiding in a completely natural process from seed to your morning cup).We have a subscription coffee service to deliver coffee directly to homes and businesses who want excellent coffee that creates positive change in the world.

We do this through our nonprofit partner in Thailand, Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP),a Thailand-based nonprofit that has helped over 25 hill tribe villages to begin operating coffee farms owned entirely by the villagers. These farms produce about 250 million tons annually, from which we get first pick at sampling, cupping and selecting the best coffee for purchase at generous prices,usually higher than the Fair Trade base and therefore contributing directly to lifting the Hill Tribe farmers out of poverty.

Each bag of coffee purchased contributes to these projects:

  • Clean water and sanitation
    • Providing clean water has been found to improve the general health of hill tribes by assisting in the prevention of water- and soil-borne diseases
  • Education, social development and health care
    • Ongoing work is taking place to construct schools, hire teachers, and purchase equipment and supplies. Education gives children an opportunity to gain citizenship so they can further their education and be better accepted into Thai society.
  • Agriculture programs and micro-enterprising
    • Villages are provided funds and taught practical skills, enabling them to be self-sufficient. Projects include the areas of livestock, fisheries, cash crops, handicrafts and village store co-ops.


The above is a Press Release on behalf of Lanna Coffee 

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