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Why I decided to make Event Traveller?

I first started travelling to major events when I was 16 and started going to some great places mainly to watch my favourite football team Manchester United. Having a step-father who organised trips allowed me and my brother to visit places we wouldn’t normally have chance of going to. I remember we went to Belgium, Greece, France, Spain, Turkey and other places mainly to watch football matches. We never visited the famous the attractions in the city, we simply went to the local square, had food and drink and then went to watch the football games.

With this I first got my bug for traveling and decided that as soon as I had sufficient funds I would travel to places around the world. In a summer around 2004 I decided to visit my friend Nicky in Spain for a weeks break only to end up there for the full summer working at different places and living with my friends family, something I appreciate to this day.
After this trip me and a couple of friends  decided to travel around Europe in a campervan with no real sense of direction, simply get on the road and drive. The Campervan broke down several days into the trip and put an end to our journey which was probably for the best because I would have preferred to finish the campervan journey in Spain rather than in Croatia or some other place we had on our crazy trip.

After several weeks in Magaluf, Spain I decided that I wanted to learn Spanish and that after University had finished my plan was to travel to South America and learn the language whilst travelling. This is exactly what I did or at least tried to do because by the end of one year in only Spanish speaking countries my language was not the best. It was only until I met my wonderful girlfriend Alejandra that my language skills improved.

So why Event Traveller?

Well in Ecuador I met my friend Jason and he was telling me how he was starting his travel blog and how he makes money online, something I have tried and failed to do several times. I met Jason several times after that and his Travel Blog was doing well and he enjoyed the writing and gaining new followers/readers. It was only until one morning that I decided to start writing about the events that I go to and the places that I have been, sort of like a diary that if no one reads I will not be disappointed.



I looked at other travel blogs and they have hundreds of posts and thousands of visitors so whilst I was daunted I appreciated that every book is started with the first word. I try to update this blog every week with new content but sometimes when I am static I find it difficult.


My plan for this travel blog are not to get more readers or more visitors which would be nice but to be a resource in several years when I am looking back at some of the fantastic experiences that I am lucky to have had. With this I would fully recommend anyone even thinking about creating a travel blog to do exactly that and start today.

I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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