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Popcorn Time Alternative

It was only last week when I was introduced to Popcorn time by a good friend of mine and whilst I didn’t really have time to watch the content I must say that this was by far the best program that I have seen in relation to films.

Forget XMBC and all the others Popcorn time truly was the best open source program in the market available at no cost and with a front end that rivalled any of the paid services. The application was hosted on Kim Dotcom’s Mega but as you will be aware the company has now removed the controversial software.


The goodbye message came as a suprise but the 3 developers from Buenos Aires probably were threatened with US government action and lawsuits and therefore couldn’t really deal with the hassle.

The next stage is therefore for an alternative to be released but as of yet, Saturday 15th March there has been no release. As soon as there is then it will be placed at the bottom of this article.





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