Traveling Evolution and How We Play online

It comes as little surprise to know that I am  always looking for fun ways to make money. From bets to dares, from casinos to games, getting money in exchange for these all is one do the most satisfying thing ever!  Whilst on the road I look for different ways to not only keep me interested and entertained but also focused on the ultimate goal, which is obviously to win.

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How did the casinos start in the first place?

Gambling dates back to as far as 2300 BC, when it was practiced in China. It slowly spread everywhere and people began to get wrapped in it fast. In the 15th century the European Government and their organisations actually promoted, organised gambling to help raise money with the help of lotteries. Later in the 17th Century, legal gambling houses were built which set off mathematicians’ interest in probability, chance and the randomization process.

While gambling had its root in all walks of life like sports in Rome and Greece, dice and cards, it soon began to get banned as soldiers were found to ignore their duties because they were gambling by playing cards!

Taking a leaf out of these mathematicians’ books, casinos were created. These greatly work on the probability theory, where randomization and chance are brought to life. The development of the internet has evolved the way we play and allows for easier ways to get involved.  The popularity of gambling  is increasing every year in which the UK gambling commission made over £84 billion pounds in just one year.

The standard games I look at playing are  roulette, blackjack, and often the game of baccarat among others. There are now several types like website based online casinos in which you have to log on to play, Netbet is one of the fastest growing platforms in the UK, not only live sports betting but also for casino games. Visit and browse their games through their website. 

The original way of to access these games was to download the software and play through this, however most companies offer web-based play.

Phone Apps

 One of the currently most popular forms of gambling is downloading apps for these online casinos and games on your phone! Another form is a love dealer card or casino games in which the gambling takes place in a real casino or other place and you actually participate in it through a video call! Talk about innovation!

Online casinos and games have gained popularity over time because of their ease of use and feasibility. In addition to this  they have been found to have a greater payback and other rates in comparison to the physical casinos.

Future Developments

The gaming industry is one of the most innovative industries in the world, constantly at the forefront of technology. Whilst it is possible to game anyway through the use of the web or your phone, there was an application for gaming to be allowed on flights, imagine, playing live roulette with a croupier whilst on a flight. There has to be some limits right, it would great to hear your thoughts.

The internet has changed the way we use these services and allows us to gamble whilst still travelling.

I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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