The FA Cup Final is the most watched domestic football match in world football. As well as being the most historic it is arguably the most important.
Each season the FA Cup final is played at Wembley Stadium in London over in front of a sell out crowd of over 80,000 fans.

When is the game? – Saturday 27th May 2022

Wherever you are in the UK you will see the match live on free to air TV. If you want to get tickets then see the websites listed below. With millions watching around the world ticket prices are normally over 5 times the original face value with some sites selling tickets in excess of £10,000 each one.

Where to buy tickets for the FA Cup Final?

With both teams only getting a limited number of tickets the demand far outsells the seats which are available. With a high percentage going to corporate sponsors fans have been frustrated and have had to turn to the secondary ticket market.  Tickets for the FA Cup Final can be found on or another fan favourite Fan Seats.

With the potential for a London Derby the prices of the tickets will be expensive and some of the biggest in recent seasons. “Tickets are expensive for the FA Cup final every year, the demand this season could be the biggest we have seen it in recent years. With this it is important to use a good website to get your tickets.”

Who are the teams in the final?

At the time of writing this, Chelsea just beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 in a pulsating game and will be leading the charge to win the trophy as via Paul Bank’s report here. The winners of Arsenal and Manchester City game will take the other side in the final at Wembley in just over 5 weeks time. Chelsea could potentially be in for the league and cup double and the fans will sure to be confident.

Where will you be watching the FA Cup Final 2017, at home, in your local bar? We would love to hear where . Share this article or comment below. 

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