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Tomorrowland Ticket Fiasco

I have written several posts about Tomorrowland because I truly believe that this is the best music festival in the world. The following short article is about how getting tickets for this festival has become a disaster. Lucky for me I have been to this festival twice but only because I purchased tickets from the secondary ticket market and not directly from the promoters.

Tomorrowland 2014 has seen them double the festival dates, yes thats right this years festival will be 2 weekends and not one. With this it means I expected that I would get tickets for this year. I was however completely annoyed when I was sat in Russia on my laptop in the middle of the Adler train-station trying to purchase tickets.


The moment came and I clicked refresh, I was sat there for 2 hours only to be greeted with the screen: Unfortunately the tickets have completely sold-out. All in all I have wasted 6 hours of my life trying to get tickets for Tomorrowland but I can only say it was well worth the wait. If i was successful then this article would be completely different but unfortunately for me I wasn’t.

The good thing about Tomorrowland increasing the capacity means that tickets on the secondary ticket market are a lot less than they were last year. I have a wedding to attend this year on the second weekend but I fully expect to be there on the first weekend.

In case anyone from Tomorrowland actually reads this then I would ask that they rethink the process for selling tickets because I have a feeling more tickets are going to the secondary ticket market than should do.

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