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The football soccer is reaching it’s finale with all major events, finals and tournaments beginning and ending. This week we featuring the website and look at the service that they offer buying tickets to events that fans can’t attend. It

We provide a unique and convenient service which purchases tickets to events which people cannot sell or cannot attend. Manager of Ticket Buying

If you are selling tickets then visit the website and complete the form and give as much information on the tickets as possible. If you have a price in mind to sell for please include that. If not then leave this blank and the team will be sure to make you a competitive offer. Event Traveller have used the service on several occasions and can recommend them to readers. This unique service is great for those fans not wanting to sell online to consumers and wait for weeks after the event to be paid. The service allows for a quick transaction for selling your tickets.

Champions League Final

Always a major event every year, no matter the teams because of how difficult it is to make it. The final this year is Real Madrid vs Liverpool. With this to sell tickets then visit the website and complete the online form. The prices offered are in line with the market price and therefore are better than is usually offered.

FA Cup Final

Another major event that tickets are in demand and  purchased for is the FA Cup Final. Each year the service buy the tickets from fans whom not only cannot attend but also want to make a profit.  Remember to sell your FA Cup tickets via the page directly. From our experience the team respond the same day and offer a good service. For buying tickets then see our previous article on The FA Cup. 

FIFA World Cup Tickets

The World Cup is the biggest sporting tournament of the year and millions of people will be watching around the globe. Many fans whom purchased tickets via the FIFA resale website are now discovering that they cannot make the matches. With this it is often difficult to resell the tickets, therefore The Ticket Buyers did set up a service to purchase them. Sell your world cup tickets here. 

Whichever event you want to sell tickets for reach out and they will offer a reasonable and competitive price. The method of payment is usually cash unless you are located elsewhere, with other forms of payment being PayPal, Bank Transfer or BACs. For an event outside the UK, payment is usually made in the local currency, which for Russia will be Rubles or US Dollars.

I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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