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Rio 2016 – a Summary of a Mega Event

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio was an eventful whirlwind like no other. At every turn there was something unexpected going on, some things good and others regrettable. It’s clear that the mega event has taken a turn in the modern age and is much different than the Games of yesteryear. Here are some of the highlights of Rio 2016.

Memorable Wins

Part of what makes the Olympics so exciting is the thrilling competition among the world’s best athletes, and Rio 2016 brought plenty of action. Great Britain really made a splash, literally and figuratively, and their athletes performed brilliantly in several sports including diving, swimming, and gymnastics. The country’s athletes won Team GB’s first gold medals in several events and they all went home to receive a true hero’s welcome.

Returning favorites in the Games, such as Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, outdid themselves and added more wins to their already impressive collections of accolades. Rio 2016 also ushered in many firsts in the event’s history, including the debut of the Refugee Team and the first time the Prime Minister of Japan dressed up as iconic video game character Mario in public — the world won’t soon forget that. If you couldn’t make it to Rio, you can still head over to Royal Vegas casino at for fun at your leisure.

Plenty of Controversies

The 2016 Olympics definitely didn’t have the carefree vibe that you’ll find at Royal Vegas casino. Instead, the mega event was fraught with controversy well before the opening ceremony. There was the threat of contracting Zika virus that lead to many athletes dropping out, infrastructure problems in Rio, and a police force that was on the brink and unable to protect the city’s citizens, let alone visitors and athletes from other countries. Once the Games actually began, there were serious security issues that threatened the safety of athletes, Olympic staff, volunteers, and spectators. And few will forget the water turning a horrid shade of green as divers were attempting their routines, thanks to the pools being improperly maintained. The drama kept rolling right on to the end of Rio 2016, and this just may be the most controversial Games in recent history.


The Lasting Impact

The 2016 Rio Olympics have already made an impact on the entire mega event. It’s already been stated by the Olympic committee that going forward, developing nations won’t be at the top of the list when future sites for the Games are chosen. It’s a completely understandable position — this year’s Olympics have proven that holding the event in countries without the infrastructure to handle such a massive display harms the people of those nations most. Besides, it’s much more important for those countries to invest in their own citizens rather than holding a sporting event.

The way that many in the world view the Summer Olympics has also changed due to how things have gone down in Rio. While it’s highlighted for some just how much goes into pulling off the mega event, others have become disenchanted with the Games. On the bright side, tons of fun can always be had online at Royal Vegas casino — great games and fabulous prizes are always a win-win situation.

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