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How to Stay in Touch when Traveling

When you’re traveling abroad you want to share as much as possible with your friends and family back home. You want to show them pictures of what you’ve been up to and you want to hear their voice again. It’s always nice to talk about all your experiences so far and they can give you the latest updates of what’s going on back home.

The Struggle of Being Abroad

It all sounds so idealistic, staying in touch with your loved ones back home just like that. Well I can tell you, it is not as easy as it looks. Phone carriers charge a lot of extra fees when you’re using your mobile phone internationally. Whether it’s for calling, texting or using the internet, chances are that you’ll come home to a high phone bill.

Of course you can try to use WiFi hotspots to connect to the internet. The only problem is, most WiFi hotspots are being used by a lot of people at once, which makes the internet connection very slow. Slow internet means lagging online calls and irritations when your online texts won’t send. There’s also the possibility of not finding WiFi hotspots or having to pay for your internet connection again and again at different locations, which is not ideal either.

The Most Reliable Way

The best reliable way to stay in touch with your family and friends is to use a prepaid phone. A prepaid phone can be used regardless of your whereabouts. You can choose a local carrier or a carrier that has special deals for international calls, either way it won’t cost you much. You can recharge your phone credit at Recharge.com. With more than 300 carriers yours is bound to be there! By topping up online you’ll have the credit on your phone immediately after purchasing. No more visits to a shop to either buy or activate your prepaid card. The perfect way to stay in touch with everyone back home, whenever and wherever you want.

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