Banners and signs have a much bigger effect on the success of events than people realize. Poor quality or non-existent banners can lead to smaller crowds, confused attendees, and fewer sales. The purpose of a banner is simple; banners tell people where they are, where to go, what is available, and why they should care. Regardless if it is a sales event, charity event, school event, or any other type of event, an effective banner design will make a huge difference. Considering the following tips will lead to a perfect banner for all types of events.

Know Your Target

The first step in designing any signage is to know who you are trying to reach and why. As simple as it sounds, many people fail to take this into account during the designing stages. A banner should reflect what kind of event it is. If you are making a banner for an art event, it should make an artistic impression. If the event is for children, the banner should have a design that demonstrates this. Taking some time to consider your intended target will help ensure your banners are as effective as possible.

Make Sure the Message is Clear

A person should be able to glance at your banner and know exactly why it is there and what it says. People often make the mistake of trying to pack in too much information or visual components onto a sign; sometimes less is more. If a banner is meant to advertise a sale, there is no need to provide an extended description. The word “sale” is enough to grab people, when coupled with a brief description of what is for sale it is more than sufficient. When a banner provides directions it should do so in as simple of a manner as possible. Ask the question “what is the goal of this banner?”  before you actually begin to design a banner. Attempting to use a sign for multiple purposes will most likely render it ineffective. Again, remember that most people will just glance at the banner—it shouldn’t be something they have to study to figure it out.

clear message

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The aforementioned direction banners should be a simple two color design that allows the wording to stick out for maximum viewing distance. Using colors that are too similar or too dull will dramatically decrease their viewing distance. Effective color use is a hallmark of proper advertising and signage. Certain colors, like red, can actually turn off potential customers and subconsciously create a negative impression. Likewise, tones that don’t match the event—say bright pink lettering for a subdued corporate event—aren’t going to work.

Choose the Right Material

Imagine having a beautiful custom banner made only to have it torn in half by a strong wind shortly after putting it up. While some banner materials are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it is preferable to use a material made specifically for one or the other. Indoor banners are clearer and smoother, while outdoor banners are more stable and effective under sunlight.

Designing an effective banner is as easy as taking some simple considerations into account. Spending some time on these often ignored considerations will help ensure an attractive and effective event banner.

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