The Imitation Game

As a Mancunian (person from the city of Manchester) we are always proud of anything that is related to the city, whether it is the music, the sports teams, the people, actors etc.

Whilst Alan Turing is not originally from the city, the work he performed and the fact that he worked at the University of Manchester for a considerable time makes him a great success from Manchester. With this there is a road dedicated to his name, the ‘Alan Turing Way’ as well as a statue near the University.



The Imitation Game is a fantastic film about the story of Alan Turing and his team of codebreakers and how they managed to break the Enigma machine, the machine which allowed the Nazi Germans to communicate with each other in an encrypted method. Whilst this is an amazing feat, only years after this accomplishment Alan Turing was sent to prison for the simple fact that he was gay.

Only recently the Queen of England has officially pardoned Turing but even still, there are thousands of other people out there sent to jail based on the fact of their sexuality.

The film has been a huge success with it grossing over $192 million worldwide cinemas.

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