Dancing at The Zoo Project

If there is any place one would want to go and party, this is Ibiza – the party capital of the world. All of the great parties and concerts happen there.

I wasn’t able to go there during the height of the summer, but I recently went there to attend a closing party to one of the clubs. ‘The Zoo Project’ is really something that you’ve never heard of or seen in your life. It’s a crazy type of day party where you are supposed to dress as an animal and have a lot of fun near the bars, pools and seal pits of Gala Night.

It’s not only a daytime party, but it has the best of electro music on.  These crazy parties take place in an abandoned animal park, just outside of San Antonio; ever since the Zoo Project has taken over, there have been sold out gigs every week with the best of electro and underground music. It’s not a place that a lot of people know about and you have to wait in hours long lines to get in, but you definitely need to reserve a ticket if you want to get in.




It was great because I really liked the music at the closing party and I had a nice time. Some of the DJ’s (frankly I’ve never heard them) really impressed me with their mixes and they helped me have a great time. Some of the guest DJ’s were YaYa and Terry Francis.

Not only the music was a great plus to everything; the atmosphere was really unique and amazing. I already told you that there were some wild and crazy animal costumed people partying, but it doesn’t end with that. A lot of the people were seemingly having a great time and were really friendly. I had the chance to meet a lot of great people there, all of whom were party tourists. They have gone to Ibiza in the search for the ‘perfect party’, if such a term exists at all. Their opinion on ‘The Zoo Project’ closing party was that it was in one of their top spots for greatest parties. All in all, I was really delighted that I had gone to the party. I can’t wait to go next year!

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