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Whilst I was travelling through Texas last year I noticed a car in the  with a number plate “I AM LATE” which I thought was funny because the car was driven by an old women and whilst it was a fast car 20 years ago it was by no means a sports car. Whether this private reg. was done on purpose I am not sure, I would be surprised whether the woman driving had it custom made.

I know that in the UK we have set standards and laws as to fonts and what the registration can read but I have decided to list and highlight some private number plates that are not only humorous but also that have sold for many thousands of pounds.  The following images are from vehicles from around the world that have funny number plates.

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These are just a few of the registration plates that have a funny meaning to them. With the cost of private number plates decreasing since 10 years ago there are many people paying for this to be done.  Many people that choose to use this service go for names or things close to them. Many celebrities have personalised number plates not only because they can afford it but because of the recognition that a number plate like this brings.

For example David Haye recently admitted that many traffic wardens have not given him a ticket because they have seen his HAYEMAKER registration plate. The fact that he was also Heavyweight Champion of the World also helps, not many traffic wardens would want to argue with him I guess.

The fact that the registration can say pretty much what you want it to say with little help of mixing numbers and letters means that the possibilities are endless and whilst some private registrations can fetch over £50,000 others more simple and less in demand can cost from £500 upwards.

Recently the number plate HU11 CTY sold for £50k and in 2008 the number plate S1 sold for a staggering £397,500 which is currently the highest price ever paid for a private number plate. Other personalised number plates that have sold for crazy amounts of money are M1 and 1F which sold for 300k and 150k respectively.

Whilst the UK and many other European countries the State of Georgia doesn’t take the same view, many number plates have now been banned from production because they are deemed offensive. Number plates such as  BIGBRA, ER0TIKA, F0XIE have been prohibited causing many people to question the lawmakers reasoning behind such changes.

So for now if you are in the UK then feel free to have a sense of humor and create a registration that will surely put a smile on many peoples faces whilst your driving.

I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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