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My Bucket List

This is my Bucket List of things I would love to do, whether I complete them all is another question but these are something I aim for. When I have more time I will change this list and try and make the number to 100. I will also try to write a blog post about each of the things on the list that I have accomplished. If you haven’t made a Bucket List then I definitely recommend making one, this makes you think and most importantly dream 🙂


1.Go Scuba Diving

2. Donate blood

3. Learn a second language – Spanish

4. Learn a third language

5. Drive a Sports Car

6. Bungee jump

7. Sky dive

8. Go sailing

9. Fly in a hot air balloon

10. Do a cooking course

11. Hang glide – Rio

12. Go to Theme Parks – Florida

13.Be An Extra in a Hollywood Movie

14. Fly first class

15. Go zorbing in New Zealand

16. Fly in a helicopter

17. Ride a jet ski

18. Bonfire on the beach at night

19. Design/build own house – Grand Design Style

20. Attend the Olympics – London

21. Go to a drive through movie

22. Ride an Elephant

23. Swim with Dolphins

24. Iguazu Falls



25. Start a business 

26. Sell a business

27. Patent an invention

28. Build a personal website

29. Publish an eBook – many

30. Publish a book

31. Get something mass manufactured in China

32. Meet a Dragon (Dragons Den)



33. Live in London

34. Live somewhere close to a beach

35. Have a beer at Oktoberfest

36. St Patrick’s day in Dublin

37. Visit every continent

a. Africa

b. Antarctica

c. Asia

d. Australia

e. Europe

f. North America

g. South America

38. Go to airport with no idea where traveling to.

39. See the Northern Lights

40. Visit Grand Canyon

41. Visit Japan

42. See Niagara Falls

43. See Taj Mahal

44. Go skiing/ snowboarding

45. Walk the canals of Venice

46. Walk the Great Wall of China

47. Go to Las Vegas for a Boxing Match

48. Climb a Mountain

49. Go on Safari

50. Visit the Galapagos Islands

51. Go on an Arctic cruise

51. Visit a volcano – Mount Teide

52. Visit Canada

53. Stay in an ice hotel

54. Visit Machu Pichu

55. Go to Igazu Falls

56. Go on a caribbean cruise

57. Tour Mexico


58. Fall in love

59. Have a child

60. Be featured in a newspaper or magazine for an achievement

61. Make a living from 2+ Websites

62. Get Married

63. Buy a House








I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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