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Going to a Festival? Be Sure to Take a Smartphone With You!

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Smartphones have become a trend among today’s young, and not only them. Pre-millennials (also known as the members of the Generation X) are also riding the wave, but they are using their smartphones for a different goals – keeping in touch, taking pictures and business. But when leaving for a festival, the smartphone that was just an entertainment device becomes a vital tool for making the most of your time there. Here’s how.

1. Finding your way around

Whilst festivals tend to give out printed maps of their venues, they normally are not the best especially when it comes to major festivals when it can be extremely hard to find your way around. Glastonbury for example has over 80,000 tents in the field, if you get lost here you could be walking around for days.  However if you have a smartphone at hand, you also have a portable map of the venue hidden in your pocket. Major festivals offer their visitors interactive maps that help them find their way around. And it can be an invaluable tool.

2. On-demand entertainment

No festival has non-stop action. There can be bands or lineups that you are not interested in, and maybe your mates leave you alone in the tent. In such a case it’s vital to have your smartphone in your pocket that will take care of your entertainment needs. I’ve been in this situation once – not feeling like sleeping, and hating the headline act, I decided to spend some quality time with my favourite games at the Euro Palace casino. This was a great experience in which I actually won money, paying for my festival trip.  – I found a hot blackjack table at the Euro Palace, and raised some beer money for the rest of the weekend. Thanks to Euro Palace’s quick operations and friendly staff I was able to transfer it to my e-wallet by next day, so my next trip to the cash machine made me rich(er). I like to have my favourite Euro Palace games at my fingertips on normal days as well (I play whilst I am commuting to the office) but having them there on my night off was also invaluable.


3. Reminders, reminders, reminders

Smartphones have alarms and reminders, a great assistance when you don’t want to miss your favorite concert at a festival. You can set all the reminders in due time – on your way to the festival, or even before – and you can make sure you’ll never miss the events of your choice. But make sure to remember to turn off your wake-up alarms from “normal days”. I’ve forgotten once. Imagine how stressed I felt when my faithful smartphone woke me up as instructed, at 6 AM – considering I’ve only gone to sleep a bit over an hour before that. I’ve learned my lesson and never made the same mistake again.

I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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