Canada Goose Expedition Parka – is it worth it?

During 4 months of the year, Minneapolis is like living in a freezer. The temperature gets that low that it is too cold to leave the house and go for a walk. With this, the right winter clothing is extremely important and investing in the right jacket is a necessity.

Whilst I had heard of the brand Canada Goose prior to coming to Minnesota I never really looked into the jackets as I have done this past few weeks.

What the Professionals Wear

If you look at any television documentary or programme in which the reporters are in a cold climate including Alaska and the North Pole the chances are they will be wearing a Canada Goose jacket, in particular a Parka. The reason they wear these jackets is not simply because they look fashionable but also because they are the best jackets on the market.

The Benefits

The benefits of having the best winter jacket in the world are quite easy to state, the fact that they are quality products and made with the best materials ensures that it will keep you warm.

Normally people purchase coats that maybe last 1 or 2 years before changing them, however a Canada Goose Parka coat will last for years, some wearers have stated 5 years+.

The Cost

In the UK a jacket can be sold for around £800 where as in the US/Canada the jacket costs a more reasonable $700. The jackets are at their lowest price in Canada and rarely are on sale.


If you are thinking of purchasing the best jacket around then I would definitely recommend it. Whilst the cost puts most people off the idea, however divide the cost by the number of years that you will have the jacket and this makes the price quite reasonable.

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