Why You Should Always Have a Mobile Device with You

The Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report has recently revealed in August that smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online in the UK. The research has also noted record ownership of mobile devices and how these devices have transformed the way we communicate. It is interesting to note that two thirds of people in the UK own a smartphone, and they use it nearly 2 hours per day to access social medias, to browse the internet, for online banking, flight ticket booking, and online shopping.

United Kingdom

UK can now be classified as a smartphone and tablet society. Smartphones are now the hub of our daily lives. 90% of those who are 16 to 24 years old own a smartphone, while 66% of adults in the UK now have one in their pockets, compared to only 39% just 2 years ago. Those above the age of 55 have also joined in the smartphone revolution, with their ownership more than doubling from 19% to 50% since 2012. The increasing take up of 4G mobile broadband is considered as the major cause of this surge, where 4G mobile subscriptions has leapt from nearly 3 million to over 23 million just in 2014.
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Forget your digital cameras now, as smartphone now take more photos than any other devices. An estimated 1.2 billion selfies were taken in the past year by people in the UK alone. Time spent online is being boosted with the increasing intake of mobile devices. 54% of UK households now have a tablet, and this has been an incredible rise of popularity for this mobile device which was used only by 2% of the UK households back in 2011.


The function of smartphones have improved drastically over the past few years are they are now mostly used to send and read text messages, checking emails, surfing the internet, setting alarm clock, making call, using the calculator, doing online flight booking, online shopping, tweeting and keeping up to date with social medias. It has been noted that airlines, hotels and travel websites are now better optimising their websites for mobile bookings. This is creating an easier and simpler path for people to book their holiday trips right on their mobile device while being on the go. Sales of travel services and products are on a continual growth on mobile devices, while laptop and desktop based sales are declining.

Smartphones and other mobile devices are now an essential tool in our daily lives, and they bring less hassle in our hectic lifestyle while bringing the convenience of doing everything we love when we are on the go.

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