100 Years of Men’s Fashion – Great Video

I have just discovered a new video that inspired me to not only include it in an article but to also write about it.

Before I discuss the video in here it is:

The guys at Fashion Beans have done a great job in creating this video covering the fashion of men over the past 100 years.

Whilst most of the fashion items included are before my time there are still some great ones that have influenced even today how we men dress.

The year 2000 for me is a great representation of the fashion in this decade, I remember only too well the Combat Trousers with the Arab Scarf and Von Dutch T-Shirts. These particular fashion items were probably made by famous David Beckham or least he would have definitely influenced it. As with the converse boots, these have lasted the the test of time and keep making a return to the forefront of fashion.

2010 is also an amazing impression of the fashion that Men around the world, in-particular the UK and Ireland followed. The Military Boots with the tight skinny jeans and deep-neck t-shirt is still fashionable as people continue to use them today, 5 years later.


The fashion in 1920’s is another trend that has stood the test of time because the Top Hat and Frock Coat is still used today at the best dressed events including Weddings and even Royal Ascot.prince-harry

Would love you to hear your comments on this video.

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