My Spring Getaway

This time of year I always arrange a  long weekend getaway to warmer climates, not only to get some colour to my skin but also to relax and spend time in shorts and t-shirts, rather than being wrapped up in 3 layers of clothing like in the UK. 


This year I intend to travel to Antayla in Turkey and the best deals are from this airport. Whilst the drive is a little over 3 hours away, the savings made on flights is worth this slight inconvenience.

From a friend’s recommendation, Antalya is best in the spring with temperatures being warm but not too hot like in the summer months. After spending time in Minneapolis this year where the temperatures are below 10 on a daily basis I am especially looking forward to this trip. The seafood restaurants are supposed to be some of the best in Turkey and the prices are very reasonable.

Journey to Stansted

This year I have noticed that if I fly from Stansted that not only can I get excellent deals for flights but also non-expensive airport parking compared to other airports.

Parking at Stansted airport for me is important as when I return from a trip I have to drive to Manchester so I want to be on the motorway back home immediately. The flight time’s seem good as I will miss the traffic heading to London.

The weather, food, flights, hotel and destination should make this a fantastic trip. I will of course write a blog when I return.

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