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Leaving home for a winter holiday trip is becoming more and more popular every year, and if you are reading this right now, you must be also interested by the idea. So, when the perfect destination is chosen, the hotel rooms and tickets are booked and the list of things to pack is already on the paper or at least in your mind, the right aspect to take care of is your safety. Here are the main features to pay attention to when looking for the best travel insurance for your winter holiday trip.

Find all your planned activities in the list of covered ones

No matter how dangerous or safe the activities seem to you, you’d better be covered for everything just to stay on the safe side. Just imagine having travel insurance and being unable to claim because you’ve fallen from a horse while being covered for skiing and snowboarding only. Find out what adventure activities are covered as standard and what should be covered additionally before you buy and go.

Get you EHIC and be aware what it covers before buying travel insurance

Taking a European Health Insurance card with you when travelling Europe is a smart move, isn’t it? The most obvious reasons to take are that it is free and it entitles you to state-provided healthcare. And when you know it won’t provide you being taken down from a mountain, that’s the part your travel insurance should cover.

Read the fine print

Yes, it is tedious, and you’d rather think that the more expensive means more extensive. But spending half an hour to learn the cover limits in advance will definitely save you time and nerves if some mishaps occur in future. Know what you pay for, know your rights, contact the insurer if the is anything that seems unclear.

Think broader when choosing the policy

In fact, being injured while hitting the slopes may not be your biggest problem while abroad. Think of a possible travel delay or cancellation leading to the lost bookings, or imaging a small accident causing no harm to you but affecting other people or someone’s property? Finally, what if you arrive to your dream ski destination and there is no snow in the area? Properly chosen winter holiday travel insurance takes care of it all for you and thus helps to have a trip you plan.

Check the excess level

Frequently, high excess means low price for the policy but it also means you’ll get less if making a claim, if you get something at all. Clarify this issue in advance and consider paying just a bit more for an excess waiver option that removes excess limits at all.

Do your research before leaving and choose the best travel insurance policy that suits you holiday trip perfectly. Get to know the best destinations for winter sun holidays in 2015/2016 and go bring your winter travel dreams to life.

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