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Sporting Holiday in Australia


Sport in Australia is a highly important part of the culture and therefore it is a fantastic destination for a sporting holiday.

The main sports that Australian people watch and play are Cricket Australian rules football, rugby union. All of which we play in England, therefore visiting Australia for a sporting vacation is very easy to organise. Whilst they are extremely passionate about playing and watching sports in all cities across the country, from research I have been advised to visit both Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane to be guaranteed good sporting games.

Flights and Packages

Whilst it is possible to purchase prepaid packages to visit Australia and take part in sporting games, from Cricket to Rugby and even football, the cheapest option is to organise the trip yourself.  The Australian population are extremely welcoming and proud of their culture, with this they are always willing to play against foreign nationals, especially with friendly rival against the British.

Flights have always been expensive due to the distance between Europe and Australia. However due to increase in the exchange rate of the GBP and USD, flights are now as low as they have ever been. With this a return flight from the UK to any major Australian city can cost from anything as low as £600.

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Playing sports in Australia is easy to organise, all that is required is that you contact sports clubs in the city of your choice and ask if you can join in. Nearly all clubs are happy for people to join and often meet several times per week.  The Australian Sport Directory is a great place to start looking for clubs and teams to contact .

Australian summers can get extremely hot and therefore sport is often practiced before noon and after sunset. With this you can plan your time around the sports.

Australia is an amazing country to visit and play sports, I would highly recommend anybody to do. Soccer is my preferred sport but the most competitive games are Rugby and Cricket.

Gaming in Australia

Gambling in Australia is highly popular form of entertainment in which it is highly accessible across the country.  “Over 80% of Australian adults engage in gambling of some kind, which is the highest rate of gambling in the world”. With this Australians now use online gaming services more than ever before.  From my experience the best online casino website in Australia is by far Mansion Casino, these have a fantastic reputation and have all major games.

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