Road Trip Australia: Three Key Routes


We have just completed a road trip across the USA and we are already planning our next trip, Australia. We have had friends and family constantly tell us that we need to visit down under and embark on a road trip. From research here is what we have found.

1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria


The road itself is called the B100 but by name it is The Great Ocean Road and is one of the most famous road trips in Australia. The diverse landscape is a major attraction as it goes through beautiful beaches, rain-forests, small towns and farm land galore. The ocean is constantly in view across this road. The journey can take anywhere from 12 hours to 1 week depending on how fast you go and if you want to stop off on the way. It is a road trip so speeding through places can be tempting but we recommend staying and enjoying the journey.

2. The Big Lap


This one is the called the big lap because it goes all around the coast of Australia, this is is some 40,000 miles in total and can take up to a year to complete at a normal pace. Not many people can say they have completed this epic journey because of the time and sheer distance of it but this is definitely up there for one of the best to do in Australia. If you want to see how big Australia is then this journey is for you. The biggest cost would be gasoline and possibly breaking down on the way and the odd stay in a hotel . This is a lifetime highlight for many and is consistently on Bucket Lists for people. The big lap needs planning so it is definitely wise to get a roadside assistance company lined up before you embark on the trip.

3. Pacific Coast: Sydney to Brisbane

Distance and time wise this is longer than The Great Ocean Road but is much less than doing a complete lap of Australia.


This trip is one of the most famous and most recommended. The journey is over 1000km and is just as scenic as the other 2 on the list. The drive takes you through amazing beaches, beautiful national parks and through small towns off the beaten track. This is pacific coast road trip shows everything that Australia has to offer.

The big lap seems a bit too far for us on one trip and The Great Ocean Road trip seems too small of a journey, my ideal choice would be the Sydney to Brisbane road tip.

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