Motorcycle Roadtrip – Across the USA

Here in Minnesota, the weather is starting to get better and we can now finally look forward to the summer. This August we plan to buy a motorcycle and drive across this amazing country. Our plan is to go from Minneapolis all the way across to finish our trip in the great city of Boston. Our 1400 mile journey will go through no fewer than 7 states on the way to our final destination.

Wisconsin – Illinois – Indiana – Ohio – Pennsylvania – New York – Massachusetts 


We expect the journey to take a week if we spread the ride over a couple of hours a  day and stay and visit major attractions en-route. We plan on visiting friends in certain locations on the way and whilst we have planned for a week we fully expect it to take longer due to our flexibility. Whilst we have not planned to take spare motorcycle tires , from previous trips we fully expect us to need to replace them on the way. We have a close friend who is a mechanic and will be able to service our bike prior to the journey.

The Bike

We plan on using Bike Bandit, the motorcycle parts store to get all the parts that we need for our bike. We plan on buying a bike in good mechanical condition that looks old, we have a limited budget but we will be investing in some Pirelli motorcycle tires as these are reportedly the best for the road. We have done many road trips  in our time but none for this long on a motorcycle. Our most memorable was the journey in the UK when we drove from UK through Spain, France and several European countries only to be halted when the campervan we purchased broke down and required a new engine, more expensive than the camper cost.

The Goal

The ultimate goal is to complete this trip with no major issues and with all going well we could think about spending a couple of weeks next summer driving across the full country. During our travels of South America we met some good friends who drove a Harley Davidson from the USA all the way down through Central America and on to South America finishing in the beautiful Patagonia . We are way off anything like this but we are excited at the possibility of being able to do something so amazing.


I am Adam, an event traveller and a Digital Marketer. Contact me for anything related to this site or anything else. I am passionate about online businesses so would love to hear from you. Happy Reading.

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