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NYC Day Time Trip

We have just returned from the city that never sleeps, NYC, the big apple, New York City. This was our first journey to one of the most iconic cities in the world and we were more than impressed. We have always avoided the city but this time we had the perfect reason to go, family members were there and we had the time.

We stayed for 4 days in Queens, located not too far from the subway which is a must when in New York. Whilst the city is amazing to walk around, for simplicity and speed then the subway is the first port of call. Locals tell me the traffic in the city can be so bad that it is probably not worth owning a car. The subway is good and bad at the same time, whilst it is great for getting around the city, we felt as if we were on it for way too long when making the trip to Manhattan. Compared to London’s Underground, the New York Subway is years behind. The city should invest more in the upkeep of the stations and trains because they are getting tired to say the least.

Having lived in London we understand what a big city is like and this is just that, everything you can ever imagine of the city is here. We were taken back by the constant activity of the city, from the minute you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

There is something inspiring about living in a big city and for me New York City is up there with the most inspiring places in the world.

Whilst the rent is super expensive one is not paying to be relaxed, one is paying to be part of this amazing city and be involved in everything. In my home city, everything is closed by 6pm, not in New York, everything is just beginning. Our best day trip was when we visited Ellis Island, the first port of call for hundreds of thousands of immigrants when they arrived in the US. Thanks to us working with The New York World we was able to get some passes for theater show downtown Manhattan which we thoroughly enjoyed.

This place is magical in a strange way, whilst most people that arrived were probably not well off, they had a dream and a hope that made them get a boat across the Atlantic Ocean. From there we across to the Lady Statue of Liberty and then across to Jersey.

The next day we visited the Rockefella Building for the view of the Empire State building and the surrounding city. Being this high up is a great feeling and gives you a true understanding of the size of this great place.

Other highlights of the trip include visiting Grand Central Station, eating some great pizza and strolling through Central Park just after sunset.  What a city New York is and one that we will definitely going back to. If the winters weren’t as bad we would consider moving there.

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