Medical Marijuana has a number of uses. It can be used to do everything from treat pain to curbing hunger and nausea. However, the medical and scientific world have been experimenting with medical marijuana and cannabis oil to see what kind of effects it could have on seizures.

Does Medical Marijuana Help

medical marijuana in the US

Unfortunately, there is no hard evidence to show that it helps with seizures. Some people have had some measure of success using medical marijuana to combat seizures, though the results are mostly random from person to person. This does not mean that medical marijuana is not effective, it just means that it depends on the strain and the chemical makeup of the person using it, as to whether or not it will be effective. For more on the best strains and what can comfort your particular preference, visit Green Door West.

Do Cannabinoids Help?

Cannabinoids, also known as CBD, has shown to positively affect different systems within the body that contribute to seizures. In April of 2015, a case study was presented to the American Academy of Neurology showing the effects of cannabinoids on seizure suffers. 213 people took a drug approved by the FDA called Epidiolex, which is 99% CBD. 137 of the 213 people took Epidiolex for a 12-week period. People using the drug experienced a 54% decrease in the frequency of seizures. Depending on the condition that is associated with the seizures, such as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, some patients saw better results.

Patients who were also taking anti-seizure medications also saw increased results in regards to convulsive seizures. Roughly 30% of people who suffer from conditions such as Epilepsy cannot find a treatment that helps or works for them. Those patients can turn to medical marijuana and cannabinoids to help find some measure of relief from their seizures. Prior to any type of self-medication, you should speak to your doctor as well as learn as much as you can about the treatment you are debating using. can provide the best medical cannabis possible, as well as the most efficient services for cannabis delivery in West Los Angeles.

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