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OK, so its 11am on a Saturday and I am getting ready to travel to the outskirts of Leeds for a Festival of DJs and Dance music. The venue opens at 12 which I thought was pretty early to be honest but nevermind as long as the party is good thats all that matters. Set in a park this is a strange place to have a festival, over 10,000 people were expected to come.  The promotional  team behind the  Mint Warehouse in Leeds  have organised this event on  Saturday 29th September 2012, 12 midday – 1am, at Lotherton Hall, Leeds.

So we get there  by Taxi from the city center and go straight in. I have been to a few festivals in my time but this was up there with the best one off ones. Not because of the size of it or the number of people but because of the space that was available and therefore this made it more enjoyable to go between the tents.

Whilst the crowd were mainly from Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle there were still a couple of people from places as far as Italy and Spain in the crowd. Whether they travelled all the way from these countries or just decided to come because they live or study nearby I expect they had a good time.

Whilst drinks were expensive this was expected, by 6pm the festival was in full swing and so were many jawbones of the crowd in their.


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