When summer is over and ahead of us fall is waiting to kick in, we might get nostalgic of summer and want to get back to those warm and sunny days. And one of the best ways how to bring it all back is to follow summer around the globe! In some places it just started and in some places it never ends! So, to enjoy summer a little bit longer this year, travel to these five places around the globe. There you will get your nose sunburned and get your feet into the warm sea for sure!


Then in September we welcome fall in our country, at the same time Argentina welcomes their spring! So it is definitely one of the destinations where you can run away from the coming fall for at least a few weeks. Apart from that, Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. It is full of stunning architecture, culture life and… tango! If you want to move your feet little bit more than just walking on a beach, visit Buenos Aires as so called “Paris of the South”. In the capital of Argentina, you will be able to enjoy the unique and romantic atmosphere and learn the most passionate dance in the world too. So – get away from fall and visit never-ending love summer in Argentina!


Another country, where you definitely can enjoy hot sun and amazing beaches is Australia. This country is in the opposite part in the world, making them celebrate their Christmas in the beaches. And who doesn’t want that! Australia should be in every traveler’s destination because of their amazing and unique nature and animals you won’t be able to see elsewhere. Along with that – dry and warm climate suitable for all. So pack your bags and visit this huge continent-country in the South!

France (South)

France, and especially its south cities, is also a place where you can enjoy warm weather almost all round year. Nice – one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Mediterranean coast welcomes you with luxurious restaurants, hotels, and super warm weather during European summer and fall as well. Other cities in the south of France are also full of warm climate and warm sea water almost all year long. But probably the best time to visit it is in fall then tourist from all around the world are traveling home at that time. So at that time you can enjoy much smaller prices and much bigger spaces!


In you really want to experience tropical vacations then another great place worth visiting is Mexico. Full of amazing food, culture and hot, hot beaches all year long Mexico is perfect runaway destinations for everyone who lives in the United States (since it is very close). And along with that – it is very cheap to travel where and to have the best holiday ever! So pack your bags, get a swimsuit and go to Mexico for never-ending summer!


And finally, the best place for all never-ending summer searches is actually Hawaii! All year round, no matter which month it is, in Hawaii you will be able to enjoy warm climate for as much as you want. Along with that, amazing beaches, delicious food and the fact that it is very cheap to travel where too, is also another reason why Hawaii is the ultimate destination for all people who want to run away from fall.

So all you need now is to find the biggest luggage and the best swimsuit for you. Oh, and don’t forget a sun hat, because you are going to need it a lot! If you want to get it all in style and in smaller price! At Nordstrom are a huge bunch of items that are designer made! So preparing for your fall getaway will be much more pleasant then you shop for all essentials at much smaller prices. Enjoy!

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