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New Years Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland


Each and every year I try to spend New years Eve with either my closest family or if not at least be in a place worth being in. With the latter it is important to book in advance otherwise it becomes so expensive that one might as well leave the country and go to warmer climates.

Edinburgh is a fantastic place to be for New Years Eve with over a million people enjoying one of the largest celebrations in the world. The local government of Edinburgh I must say do a fantastic job or organising so many people from around the world and all the activities that go with it.

Some Photos of the trip

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We got the train from Manchester which took approximately 4 hours but the journey is comfortable and definitely better than some of the other transports methods I have used around the world and therefore I am not complaining.

As we booked the hotel early we ended up staying in the travel lodge hotel in Edinburgh which was not far from the centre where all the major fireworks and parade took place.  The hotel was basic but no more than what we needed as we were only in there to put more layers on and get ready for the festivities.

All I can say is what a fantastic night that I can recommend to anybody wanting to visit a good place to celebrate NYE in style. Whilst we were not with our families we still enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.

The only thing that is uncomfortable with being in Edinburgh for New Years Eve is the temperature, oh my days I have never been so cold. It was that cold in fact that I couldn’t actually wait any longer for the New Year to come in, no wonder the Scottish like to drink either Bucks Fizz or Whiskey as each of them definitely keeps your chest warm.

The transport system in Edinburgh allowed us to get back to the hotel quickly enough to defrost before we went to bed. Excellent trip!!!!


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