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If you’ve seen the films or the most recent “Skyfall” you know that James Bond is famous for visiting an array of far-flung locations; one of the major appeals of the immortal Ian Fleming novels upon their original publication was their portrayal of exotic settings that most of the readership could never dream of visiting for real. Nowadays the destinations that 007 travelled are open to the general holiday-maker, so here is a quick look at a few of the top locations for a real James Bond-style holiday.

Sultanahmet Square, Turkey
A notable portion of the latest Bond film, Skyfall, takes place in Turkey, including Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul. If you choose to follow 007’s footsteps to this destination you will find a set of fascinating historical monuments including the Obelisk of Thutmose III, the Statues of Porphyrios, the Walled Obelisk and the Serpent Column.

Casino Estoril, Portugal
The location that gave Casino Royale its title is fictional, but has a real life inspiration: Casino Estoril in Portugal. Located near Lisbon, the modern day casino is not as elite as its fictional counterpart may make it seem and is open to anyone 18 or over who follows the smart casual dress code. A range of games are available for its guests, although many may visit simply for a look around.

St Moritz, Switzerland
St Moritz served as the location for much of the famous skiing sequence that opened The Spy who Loved Me. As you might have guessed, it remains a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders to this day.

James Bond Tour of London
While visiting the exotic locations around the world that are connected with Bond, we should not forget the country of his birth. The James Bond Tour of London comprises a coach trip around more than a dozen locales connected with the Bond films, the life of Ian Fleming and later films in the spy genre such as Austin Powers.

James Bond Beach, Jamaica
This list would not be complete without a mention of Oracabessa Bay, home to James Bond Beach. The area earned the right to bear the name of the character partly due to its role in the film Dr. No – it is where Ursula Andress sported the famous bikini – and partly due to its proximity to Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye Estate. The Estate is in turn part of the Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary, a must see for anyone with an interest in aquatic life.

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